The Acquisition Playbook

"Our empirical research, which analyzes more than 20 years of data, confirms, once again, that programmatic M&A is the strategy that is most likely to create the most value for companies. That is, carefully choreographing a series of deals around a specific business case or M&A theme—rather than relying on episodic “big bang” transactions—is far more likely than other approaches to lead to stronger performance and less risk." - McKinsey & Company

Included in the Acquisition Playbook

  • Lifetime access to over 25 hours of detailed instructional step by step tactics to start your acquisition process.

  • Exclusive access to live virtual events with leading M&A experts on in depth acquisition topics.

  • Acquisition criteria strategy and development for internal communication with your team.

  • Deal sourcing tactics to help uncover the best acquisition opportunities.

  • Acquisition target valuation templates and guidance for structuring an offer.

  • Letter of intent templates and detailed review of how to draft each sections.

  • Monthly financial model template for forecasting acquisition target's balance sheet, income statement and cash flow.

  • Due diligence checklist and instructions on mitigating identified risks.

  • Managing purchase and sale agreement and other ancillary agreements.

  • .... and much more

Meet Your Instructor

President, Stone Oak Capital Inc.

John Carvalho

John Carvalho is president of Stone Oak Capital Inc. and Divestopedia Inc. John is a recognized thought leader in middle market M&A and has completed deals totaling over $1 billion in value.

The Acquisition Playbook provides a comprehensive guide to execute your acquisition strategy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Acquisition Playbook

    • Welcome to Program

    • Lesson 1: Keys to Success

    • Lesson 2: Program Overview

    • Lesson 3: Preparation for Process

    • Lesson 4: Resources

  • 2


    • Lesson 1: Acquisition Thesis

    • Lesson 1.1: Deep Dive in Acquirer Types

    • Lesson 2: Buy vs. Build

    • Lesson 3: Articulating Value Proposition

    • Lesson 4: Long Term Forecast Planning

    • APPLIED LEARNING: Develop Acquisition Thesis

    • APPLIED LEARNINGS: Developing the Acquisition Thesis - video Instruction

    • APPLIED LEARNING: Developing the Acquisition Thesis

    • APPLIED LEARNING: Long Term Acquisition Forecast Planning

    • APPLIED LEARNING: Long Term Acquisition Forecast Planning - video instruction

  • 3


    • Lesson 1: Acquisition Criteria

    • Lesson 2: Sourcing Opportunities

    • Lesson 3: Direct Deal Sourcing

    • Lesson 4: Indirect Deal Sourcing

    • Lesson 5: Online Deal Sourcing

    • APPLIED LEARNING: Develop Acquisition Criteria and Deal Sourcing Tactics

    • RESOURCES - Online Deal Marketplaces and Private Company Databases

  • 4


    • DOWNLOAD - Acquisition Analysis

    • Lesson 1: Deal Valuation Overview

    • Lesson 2 - Normalized Earning and CapEx

    • Lesson 3: Forecasting and Synergies

    • Lesson 4: Delivered Balance Sheet and Deal Structure

    • Lesson 5: Assessing Goodwill

    • Lesson 6: Initial Offer and Letter of Intent

    • DOWNLOAD - Sample Letter of Intent

    • ADDITIONAL LEARNINGS - Interview with Jesse Douglas, CEO Wolverine Energy and Infrastructure Inc.

  • 5


    • Lesson 1: Key Activities Post Letter of Intent

    • Lesson 2: Due Diligence

    • Lesson 3: Financing

    • Lesson 4: Legal Agreements

    • Lesson 5 - Acquisition Target Financial Model

    • DOWNLOAD - Due Diligence Information Check List

    • Framework for Evaluating Risk

  • 6


    • Lesson 1: Post Acquisition Issues

    • Lesson 2: Day One Readiness

    • Lesson 3: 100 Day Plan

    • Dealing With Branding After Transaction

  • 7


    • Recommended Books

    • Deal Structures

    • Deal Structuring - Expert Discussion

    • Acquisition Financing

    • Deal Sourcing

    • Acquisition Integration

    • Deal Term Study 2022

    • Considerations in Purchase and Sale Agreements

    • Rep and Warranty Insurance

    • Address Corporate Culture in Acquisition

    • Value Creation in Acquisition

    • Retrading in M&A Transaction

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