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Develop a Winning Acquisition Strategy!

Create a foundational strategy that will drive the acquisition program and provide structure for exceptional results.

Masterfully Uncover Awesome Acquisition Targets!

Deal sourcing tactics, resources and best practices used to find acquisition targets that are an incredible fits for your business!

Skillfully Establish Value and Deal Structures!

Effectively review an acquisition target to determine the adequate value, deal structure and return on investment.

Expertly Negotiate an Acquisition Offer!

Establish winning offers to close acquisitions on fair and reasonable terms.

Capture Synergies and Manage Potential Risks!

Learn how to conduct effective due diligence, review purchase agreements and execute a successful integration.

Overcome Deal Obstacles to Ensure Success!

Understand and navigate the common challenges that are bound to arise through the acquisition process.

Have These World-Class M&A Experts Directly In Your Corner!

Here are some of the leading global professionals that have already contributed (with many more to come...)



Managing Director, KIERSTONE


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon can I receive my lessons?

    Upon payment, you will get instant access to the ACQUISITION PLAYBOOK. The link will be sent to your registered email address.

  • What if I have questions?

    We’ll be available and happy to answer them! Simply email your query to [email protected] and expect an answer within 24 hours...

  • Which industries and geographies does the Acquisition Playbook cover?

    All our professional advice is universal and applicable to any industry or niche. Our M&A experts have completed transactions globally, so their expertise will be relevant to all business owners around the world.

  • Are the schedules of lessons time-sensitives?

    Not at all. The lessons are all virtual and on-demand, so you can watch the videos multiple times at your convenience. Don’t forget to take notes!

  • Do you also offer the Acquisition Playbook in printed format?

    Unfortunately, we don’t, and here’s why: We aim to impart our knowledge to as many mid-sized business owners as possible, and we can do that only if we keep our pricing affordable. Printing and shipping will only increase the cost, so digital formats are the better and more practical option.

  • How do I deal with technical issues when they happen?

    Please get in touch with our able and reliable customer service team at [email protected]. They will address any technical problems promptly.

  • Can I share the Acquisition Playbook with business colleagues?

    Yes, you can watch the videos together. However, you cannot share the link we emailed to you because it is a unique ID associated with your email address.

  • What program and device does your course support?

    You can access our course through any device and operating system as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Do you have any other courses for business owners?

    Yes, we have the Companion Guide for Selling a mid-sized business the you can purchase here: Of course you can also find all the incredible and free content on

If you don't think the Acquisition Playbook will help you successfully grow your business using an acquisition strategy, you can contact us any time and for any reason over the next 30 days and we will give you a full 100% refund of your money — no matter what. It’s a bold promise, but that’s how confident we are in the value delivered in the Acquisition Playbook.